Mayor Sosnowski resigns

After nearly twenty years, Mayor Ed Sosnowski has resigned from his position as Mayor effective August 25th 2020. The Mayor and his wife Flo are relocating to a new residence in St. Paul Alberta. The Alberta Municipal Government ACT (MGA) stipulates that an elected official must resign from their position when they cease to be a resident in their municipality.

Mayor Sosnowski served the Village of Myrnam residents faithfully and with dignity since his election in 2001. Through many changes in local, provincial and federal governments, he always was a strong advocate for Myrnam and will be sorely missed by all Village staff and Council. We sincerely wish Ed and Flo well in their new life apart from the Village of Myrnam and their many friends.

A by-election to fulfill the position of councilor is expected in mid November. Please watch for further details.

Please note: Each year the position of the Chief Elected Officer (Mayor) is appointed from among the elected officials at an annual organizational meeting. There is no election to the office of Chief Elected Official (Mayor) in Myrnam.

Myrnam Council

Myrnam is represented by three elected officials. The current council members are:

  1. Mayor – Vacant 
  2. Councillor Raymond Yaremchuk  (780) 366-2172
  3. Councillor Donna Rudolf  (780) 366-3997

Village Staff

  1. CAO – Gary Dupuis (780) 366-3910
  2. Public Works Foreman – Norm Brake (780) 366 – 3910
  3. Public Works Assistant – Jodi Bannister (780) 366 – 3910

Public Works Emergency

  1. CAO – Gary Dupuis (780) 210-4014
  2. Public Works Foreman – Norm Brake (780) 290-0299