Related Key documents to the planning and development process:

Policies: there are no policies relating to planning and development.

Bylaws: The following are a list of bylaws related to planning and development:

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is intended to establish a framework for land use decision making within the Village of Myrnam. The MDP must embody the overall aims, ambitions and philosophy that the Village of Myrnam holds in relation to its development and growth.

Intermunicipal Development Plan

The purpose of the IDP with the County of two Hills is to ensure that there is common agreement and vision in place to guide the future development and use of land within the intermunicipal fringe area. The IDP also provides opportunities to address community concerns, share resources, and establishes a framework for on-going consultation and cooperation in areas of mutual concern and interest.

Land Use Bylaw

The purpose of this Bylaw is to prohibit or regulate and control the use and development of land and buildings within the municipality to achieve the orderly and economic development of land, and to:
a. Divide the municipality into districts;
b. Prescribe and regulate for each district the purposes for which land and buildings may be used;
c. Establish the office of the development officer;
d. Establish a method of making decisions on applications for development permits including the issuing of development permits; and
e. Provide the manner in which notice of the issuance of a development permit is to be given.


The Village of Myrnam has utilized Municipal Planning Services to perform Sub-Divisions within the municipality. Amidst ever-changing regulations, the staff at Municipal Planning Services can assist you with the Subdivision process. Click the link below.




Where do I go to get a Building, Plumbing, Gas or Electrical Permit? Click on this link for more information.