Public Notice(s)

Phone System

Please note that we have been having issues with our phone system. If you cannot get through during our office hours (Tues – Thurs 8:30 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 3:30 pm please email us at

We hope to have a phone system up and running by the end of next week (Dec 10).

Senior’s Christmas Arrangement Workshop

For Sale

For Sale on First Come First Served Basis

15 available (12 left)
New Condition/Never Installed
30×36″ with sliding windows
$100 each
3 available of each 30×36″ and 48×36″
New Condition/Never Installed
$65 each for 30×36″ $75 each for 48×36″

Weekly Preparedness Message (provided by Provincial Operations Centre)

This holiday season, show your family and friends you care by giving the gift of preparedness. Preparedness items can come in a range of prices and are a great way to spark a conversation about what you can do to be more prepared.

Preparedness gifts can include:

  • Flashlights, lanterns, or a crank radio/flashlight
  • Solar powered cell phone chargers or back-up batteries for electronic devices
  • Vehicle or personal emergency kits

For more emergency preparedness gift ideas, check out the emergency supplies section at


November Newsletter – to read the newsletter please go to the Residents tab and click on Village Newsletters or click here.

2021 Taxes

Take notice that the combined tax and assessment notices were mailed to all property owners in the Village of Myrnam on Thursday June 3rd, 2021.  In accordance with Section 311 of the Municipal Government Act, Chapter 26, RSA 2000, all persons are deemed to have received their combined tax and assessment notices as a result of this ad.  The Assessment Roll is open for inspection at the Village Office during regular business hours.

2021 Property taxes are due and payable on or before Thursday July 15th, 2021. The penalty for late taxes is 12%. At December 31st the penalty for taxes is 10% of all remaining outstanding taxes.

Making Tax and Utility Payments

Many residents who are Servus and ATB customers pay bills online or in person when visiting their bank. Others pay via E-transfer to Perhaps you might consider this simple payment option. If you need to pay a bill in person, please deposit you payment in the deposit slot in the front door. OptionPay is a new service to help residents pay invoices online.

A Word of Caution about Certain Products entering the Sewer System

Many individuals are using laundry pods, sanitary wipes, paper towels and other heavier paper products to help deal with COVID-19. Although some of these are described as biodegradable, they do not break down as quickly as toilet paper. These can place a strain on your personal sewers and the Village sewer infrastructure. We recommend that anything other than toilet paper not be placed in the sewer system. Place these securely in disposable bags and include them in your weekly garbage. As noted, any backups will require you to call a plumber to service your sewer line. Thanks for your assistance.